Javier Farías has launched FAST-PACED GUITARS, his latest composition written for classical, acoustic, and electric guitar featuring jazz fusion guitarist Mike Stern.

The music was produced by Sebastian Rehbein and has recently been published in both, score and CD audio.

In a career that spans three decades and a discography that includes more than a dozen eclectic and innovative recordings, six-time GRAMMY® nominee Mike Stern has established himself as one of the premier jazz-fusion guitarists and composers of his generation.

«Javier Farías is a wonderful musician. Really an amazing player and a wonderful and passionate composer. When I heard his music I was really impressed not just with his technical abilities which are amazing but also and especially the soul of his music. I am very proud to be included on this project. it is an honor to be able to collaborate with this very, very special musician.»

— Mike Stern


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