Never have so many simultaneous human migrations moved across the globe. A LONG WALK seeks to share the stories and experiences of people who have moved on, sometimes desperately, in search of a better life. This group of new pieces shed light on the often-politicized subjects of refugees, immigration, and human rights by looking past headlines and delving into why individuals risk leaving their homeland to start anew in a foreign country.


10 institutions have been sponsored this project since 2014, which consists in a series of 16 new commissioned works written by Javier Farías to tribute the six Latin American poets and writers who have received the Nobel Prize in Literature.  

The Literature Nobel Prize winners are: Gabriela Mistral and Pablo Neruda (Chile), Miguel Ángel Asturias (Guatemala), Gabriel García Márquez (Colombia), Octavio Paz (Mexico), and Mario Vargas Llosa (Peru). Their narratives blend cultural perspectives, thoughts and visions about the identity, origin and future of Latin America.

Calendar of activities and participants at www.seismiradasporlatinoamerica.com

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