Recognized internationally for his work, Javier Farías has been awarded First Prize in the Andrés Segovia Composition Competition, International Composing Competition "2 Agosto," and Michele Pittaluga Composition Competition for Classical Guitar. Farías was honored with the 2014 Fromm Music Foundation Prize at Harvard University for a concerto for two guitars composed for Sérgio and Odair Assad and the YOA Orchestra of the Americas. His catalogue consists of works ranging from solo guitar to full guitar ensemble to others featuring or incorporating the guitar into compositions for chamber ensembles, choral music, and orchestral settings, including five guitar concertos.

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Led by David Tanenbaum, the San Francisco Conservatory Guitar Ensemble premiered and recorded La Otra Voz in 2019 for an album featuring this work and my piece Nazcan. Anticipated to be released in 2021.


A 40-minute suite challenging the boundaries of the classical guitar by juxtaposing elements of jazz, rock, classical, and electronic music.

scored for electrical guitar, 8 classical guitars, contrabass, and electronics.

Alturas Duo

Praised by The Washington Post as playing with "marvelous virtuosity," Alturas Duo is guitarist Scott Hill and Carlos Boltes on viola and charango (a small, ten-string Andean guitar). Bringing together the worlds of South American folk, western classical, and contemporary music, the duo is one of the most engaging chamber ensembles today. Alturas Duo has recorded for Brioso, Con Brio, Ravello Records, and Naxos.

Y de Pronto la Vida

In this upcoming recording project with the Alturas Duo and Cuarteto Latinoamericano, Chilean composer Javier Farías pays homage to two iconic figures of Latin American culture:
Chilean singer-songwriter Victor Jara, a pivotal contributor to the Nueva Canción Chilena—New Chilean Song—movement who was tortured and killed under the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet, and the internationally celebrated surrealist Peruvian poet Blanca Varela.

Two major pieces will be recorded. El Vuelo de tu Alma, the piece focused on Victor Jara, was originally composed for charango and classical guitar, and for Alturas Duo. In 2018, Farías extensively rewrote it to include string quartet. The second work is being composed as part of an ongoing effort to expand the concert repertoire for the charango. It is to be a five-movement suite written for charango, guitar, and string quartet and based on Blanca Varela’s collection of poems, Canto Villano.

Cuarteto Latinoamericano

Comprised of Saúl, Arón, and Álvaro Bitrán, and Javier Montiel, Cuarteto Latinoamericano has been the leading proponent of Latin American music for string quartet for almost forty years. The Cuarteto has been recognized with the Mexican Music Critics Association Award, received Chamber Music America/ASCAP’s “Most Adventurous Programming” Award three times, and has twice won the Latin Grammy for Classical music: in 2012 for Brasileiro, works of Francisco Mignone, and in 2016 for El Hilo Invisible.


scored for classical, acoustic, and electric guitar, percussion, and electronics.

Written and recorded to feature Grammy® nominee and legendary jazz-fusion electric guitarist Mike Stern  

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"Javier Farías is a wonderful musician.
Really an amazing player and a wonderful and passionate composer. When I heard his music I was really impressed not just with his technical abilities which are amazing but also and especially the soul of his music. I am very proud to be included on this project. it is an honor to be able to collaborate with this very, very special musician.
Mike Stern
Jazz-fusion guitarist