Javier Farías is currently working in a duet for classical and electric guitar, featuring jazz fusion guitarist Mike Stern. The music is being produced by Sebastian Rehbein and will be published in both, score and CD audio next fall.   Mike Stern’s career spans three decades and a discography that includes more than a dozen eclectic and innovative recordings, including six-time GRAMMY® nominee.


The Chilean Guitar Ensemble has released its second CD.  Under the artistic direction of Javier Farias, it includes his pieces Algo se Asoma, and Recinto de la Piedra.  Other works by Alberto Ginastera, Paquito D’Rivera, Ben Verdery, and Dan Roman are included in the CD.



Javier Farias joins as guest artist and composes for Apollo Chamber Players the 10th commission of their program 20×2020.  The new piece is a work for string quartet and guitar inspired by Chilean, Peruvian, Bolivian, and Argentinean folk rhythms.

The premiere will take place on March 31, 2017 at MATCH HOUSTON.



Friday, March 31, 2017 |8pm

While the tango reigns as one of the most popular Latin American dances, the folk rhythms of the Andes express a unique story of the region’s indigenous heritage – of love, strife, and celebration.Award-winning Chilean composer-guitarist Javier Farias joins as guest artist and composes for Apollo the 10th commission of 20×2020, a work for string quartet and guitar inspired by Chilean, Peruvian, Bolivian, and Argentinean folk rhythms. Program also features a celebrated contemporary work by Houston Symphony’s composer-in-residence Gabriela Lena Frank.

University of Houston professor Dr. Howard Pollack

presents a pre-concert lecture. 


A set of five new compositions by Javier Farias will be premiered at Carnegie Hall on April 10th.  Guitarist David Veslocki will be in charge to perform new music written for classical guitar, electric guitar, guitar ensemble, and guitar quartet.  Guest artists for this concert also include; the Alturas Duo, Jose Antonio Escobar, Andrew York, Scott Borg, and Adam Kossler.




Sergio and Odair Assad, the celebrated guitar duo, will premiere the work ELOGIO DE LA RAZA, a new Guitar Concerto written by Javier Farias, featuring the YOA Orchestra of the Americas conducted by Carlos Miguel Prieto.  The premiere will be in Brazil on August 1 and 2, 2017.


Commissioned by the Fromm Music Foundation of Harvard University, ELOGIO DE LA RAZA (Praise to the Indigenous and African roots) is a two movement work composed for two guitars and orchestra in homage to the Peruvian writer, Mario Vargas Llosa (b. 1936.)


The piece features two very representative rhythms from Peru: The Siku, an indigenous rhythm from the Andes and the Lando, widely considered the genesis of all black music and dance in Peru. In order to be more authentic to these traditions, I have also included two characteristic percussion instruments that belong to these two peoples: Pezuñas, an Andean bracelet or rattle- like instrument made of goat hoofs, and the Cajón Peruano, a drum fashioned from fruit boxes that was created by African slaves who were forbidden to play their tambores by the Spanish


Vargas Llosa’s narratives consistently refer to the black and Andean experience in his country and the social inequality and racial prejudices that they still face today.


This composition is part of the project Seis Miradas por Latinoamerica (Six Perspectives on Latin America.)