Jondo (2017)

guitar, strings, timpani

Premiered by the Chamber Orchestra of Chile at Teatro Municipal de Nunoa in Santiago, Chile on October 2017.  Jose Antonio Escobar (guitar)


Paqueana (2016)

electric guitar, classical guitar, viola

To be premiered at Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall on April 13, 2017 by David Veslocki (el. guitar), Carlos Boltes (viola), and Scott Hill (cl. guitar)


Andean Suite (2016)

string quartet, guitar.

To be premiered at the MATCH HOUSTON (Texas) on March 31, 2017  by Apollo Chamber Players and Javier Farias.

Dur. 14’


Homenaje a Octavio Paz (2014)

guitar, string quartet

Premiered by Roberto Limon and the Cuarteto Latinoamericano at Centro Cultural de Tijuana (CECUT), Mexico, in October 6, 2014

Dur. 16’


Cuarto Tonante (2013)

string quartet

Premiered by Cuarteto Latinoamericano at Tsuda Hall, Japan, in November 5, 2014

Dur. 7’


Seis por Tonante (2012)

bandoneón, piano, guitar

Premiered in November 2, 2013 by Daniel Binelli (Bandoneón); Polly Ferman (Piano); Eduardo Isaac (Guitar) at Teatro Colubsidio, Bogota, Colombia.

Dur. 7’


Estancia al Viento (2007)

bandoneón, piano, viola, guitar

Premiered in May 29, 2007 at the Simsbury Chamber Music Festival (Connecticut, USA)

Daniel Binelli (bandoneón); Polly Ferman (piano); Carlos Boltes (viola); Scott Hill (guitar)

Dur. 9’


El Vuelo de tu Alma (2006)

guitar, charango

Premiered in October 2006 at the Universities of Wake Forest, North Carolina School of the Arts, Hart School of Music, USA

Scott Hill (Guitar); Carlos Boltes (Charango)

Dur. 16’







5 Fachadas (2005)

guitar, viola

Premiered in October, 2005 during the 20th Anniversary of the Connecticut Classical Guitar Society

Scott Hill (guitar); Carlos Boltes (viola)

Dur. 9’


Rezagos (2002)

guitar, flute, viola

Premiered in February, 2003 at International Festival of Contemporary Music of the University of Chile

Luis Orlandini (guitar); Cristián Vásquez (flute); Claudio Gutiérrez (viola)

Dur. 17’


Recontre avec les Indiens Yahgan (2002)

symphonic band

Premiered in December, 2002 at Teatro Municipal de La Serena, Chile

Symphonic Band of La Serena; Sergio Fuentes (conductor)

Dur. 9’



Quinteto Tridestante (2001)

string quartet, percussion

Premiered in December, 2001 at Teatro Escuela Moderna (Santiago, Chile)

Quadrivium Ensemble

Dur. 16’







Anexión (2001)

viola, tom-toms

Premiered in November 2001 at Teatro Escuela Moderna (Santiago, Chile)

Luis José Recart (viola); Gonzalo Muga (tom-toms)

Dur. 12’


Ausencias (1997)

guitar, oboe, clarinet

Premiered in May, 1997, at Teatro Escuela Moderna (Santiago, Chile)

Agrupación ECOS

Dur. 6’


Quinteto (1996)

2 guitars, 2 flutes, bassoon

Premiered in April, 1997, at Teatro Escuela Moderna (Santiago, Chile)

Agrupación ECOS

Dur. 5’


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